Testimonial / Affidavit

May 2nd 2004


The early part of April 2004, the manager of Terminal Hobby Shop gave me an Athearn powered F-7 locomotive chassis that had been scrapped out of inventory due to missing parts.


I was asked to see if I could get it running for use on their display layout. The unit was missing motor brushes, couplers, coupler covers, headlight with connector, and the motor connecting clip that runs from each truck across top of motor. I was also asked to re-lube the unit using a line of space-age lubricants available locally or on the internet from Depot Hobby and Emporium.


I purchased a complete set (4 different products) of the recommended lubricants, and proceeded to re-hab the F-7. All tests, and voltage / current readings were taken using an MRC 9500 power pack (built-in voltage and current meters). The test track was cleaned using the Track Cleaner and Conditioner I had purchased, (per the manufacturers instructions) after which initial out-of-the-box tests were performed (after adding a temporary set of brushes), and appropriate readings jotted down. Both pre and post data are shown at the bottom of this testimonial.


The loco was then totally disassembled, the motor assembly was also removed from the chassis. The trucks were disassembled and all components cleaned using a denatured alcohol and acetone mix. Although the unit appeared Not to have had any factory lubrication, the cleaning was to insure absolute new clean components to validate the difference that these lubricants made in both pre / post performance and operation.


All truck components were inspected for burrs or improper molding, and then reassembled and lubricated using the Bearing Oil and Gear Lube that had been purchased. Both reassembled trucks were hand checked for smooth operation, and set aside for later attachment to the chassis.


The motor was next. Since there were no brushes to take out, the commutator was polished with flex-i-grit to remove the minor irregularities and grooves created by the normal running of the motor Prior to installing new brushes, the motor bearings were lubricated with the Bearing Oil, and checked for free rotation. Before inserting new brushes, each brush was given one drop of the Brush Cleaner and Conditioner per manufacturers instructions. The motor was then reassembled and test readings taken.


The complete unit was then reassembled and test run for performance and operation, and post lube readings taken. The results of both the before and after performance are as follows;



Out of the Box (as-is from Athearn) Motor Only (with flywheels)
Starting Voltage - 3.3 to 3.5 volts Starting Voltage - 2.6 to 2.8 volts
Current Draw - 220 to 230 milliamps Current Draw - 160 to 180 milliamps
Opinion - About normal for a stock Athearn loco. (100 milliamps = 1/10th of an amp)


After Lubricating with Depot Hobby's

line of lubricants. 

Motor Only (with flywheels)
Starting Voltage - 2.0 volts  Starting Voltage - 1.2 to 1.3 volts
Current Draw - 40 to 50 milliamps Current Draw - 20 to 30 milliamps

Opinion - Absolutely unbelievable ! !   Far superior to other products on the market...


Would never have believed that this line of track cleaner and lubricants would have made that big a difference. Just cleaning the track made a noticeable difference. I'm totally sold and glad that I bought these lubricants. I enthusiastically recommend these products to any serious model railroader looking for better performance.


I certify that the above procedures and test readings are a true and accurate account of the work done on this locomotive. The reworked Athearn F-7 and this testimonial letter are being returned to Terminal Hobby Shop on May 6th 2004


Chris Ayer - Wauwatosa Wi.


(Original document on file at Terminal Hobby Shop, Copy on file at Depot Hobby and Emporium)